Disaster Preparedness Education

The Ark of Safety program is designed to help community and faith-based organizations prepare to respond and recover from major emergencies and disasters. Until they are prepared it will always be difficult for them to effectively support their congregations, constituents and surrounding communities during and after a disaster. Building Resilient Communities works with congregations to provide disaster preparedness assessments,  planning tools and resources, consulting services for preparation planning,  access to high quality discounted emergency supplies, training, and much more. Our program ensures that organizations have a plan in place and are able to effectively enact this plan when a disaster strikes. 


We offer personalized trainings for individual organizations, where we walk the leadership and staff of your organization through each step of the program, as well as quarterly group trainings for multiple organizations. Our group trainings allow leadership from different organizations to come together to learn how to prepare their organizations for a disaster and receive valuable resource to take back to there organization's staff and membership. These trainings have the added benefit of allowing leadership to learn from each other's experiences with disaster preparedness. 


To request a training session with a BRC representative or for more information, please contact us.

Ark of Safety Program


Ark of Safety Forum

Every year Building Resilient Communities collaborates with elected officials to host the Ark of Safety Forum, an event where we provide free disaster preparedness information and resources to those in leadership positions at community and faith-based organizations. It is a great opportunity for emergency response, business, community and faith-based organizations to discuss how they will work together for the good of the community. During each forum, we have officials from law enforcement and emergency response agencies train participants on important emergency protocol. In the past five years, topics covered include active shooter training, communicating with people who have disabilities, preparing for an earthquake, and serving your community after a disaster. If you are interested in attending this year's forum, be sure to join our mailing list for updates on this exceptional training event. 



Ark of Safety Youth

Ark of Safety Youth


Ark of Safety Youth (ASY) is a disaster preparedness curriculum designed for use by houses of worship youth programs, community centers, and after-school programs.  The ASY program teaches and empowers K – 12 school-age youth to prepare themselves, their homes, schools, houses of worship and communities for any type of disaster.  The ASY curriculum is designed to create a collaboration of the host youth organization, local government, business, education, nonprofits and disaster subject matter experts.


Children are disproportionately impacted by disasters, yet insufficient attention has been given to preparing this population. Children are considered a vulnerable group and are more prone than others to damage, loss, suffering, injury and death in the event of a disaster. 


Building Resilient Communities’ ASY is an approved program in the National Strategy for Youth Preparedness Education  which is a partnership between the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the American Red Cross, and the Department of Education to promote youth preparedness and build a more resilient nation. 

The Christian Disaster Relief Coalition is a network of houses of worship that come together to help in the community before, during, and after a disaster.


Studies of disaster from 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina to local wildfires describe the important role of community and faith-based organizations as a source of physical, social, and spiritual care. When disaster strikes, the initial services provided may not come from government, but rather from community organizations, churches, synagogues, mosques, and other faith-based organizations.


Building Resilient Communities Christian Disaster Relief Coalition currently partners with a variety of agencies to provide the following services:

  • Child Care

  • Debris Clean-Up

  • Donations Management (Clothing, Furniture, Etc.)

  • Emotional & Spiritual Care

  • Memorial Services

  • Transportation

  • Volunteer Coordination


Interested in joining the Coalition?

Membership Benefits

  • Oversight and coordination of volunteer background checks and fingerprinting through California Department of Justice.

  • Volunteer training that meets National VOAD and government requirements.

  • Credentialing of volunteers for use during disaster activations

  • Central representation and coordination with local VOADs, State level VOAD, FEMA National Preparedness Coalition, etc.

  • Updates on events and training at local, state and national levels.

  • Discount pricing on training, emergency supplies and equipment.

Christian Disaster Relief Coalition


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